SketchUp – Why Pro?

Bezoek onze nieuwe specifieke SketchUp 8 site!!

Difference between Google SketchUp and Google SketchUp ProYou have SketchUp and SketchUp Pro. However, who wants to work with SketchUp in a professional way, realy needs SketchUp Pro 8! It is specially developed for professionals and people who want to work with SketchUp in a more professional way. It offers more functionality than the free version of SketchUp. The difference between the two versions is that Google SketchUp Pro 8 provides you with the following extra options:

  • Layout, which you can present your model in a professional manner
  • Style Builder, to create your own SketchUp-lines and -styles
  • Dynamic components, to create parametric behavior
  • Format reports into a Sketchup model table
  • All export functions needed to be able to exchange drawings with other professionals from your industry
  • In the free version, it is not possible to print images larger than your screen resolution. When you use the Pro version you are able to print in any resolution.
Look at this video to see it for your self

Want to see a side-by-side comparison of SketchUp and SketchUp Pro?

Comparisationmatrix SketchUp SketchUp Pro
Price Free € 398,- excl. VAT
  • Support by phone or e-mail (for installation or technical issues)
  • Online Help Center, Video Tutorials & forums
3D modelleren
  • Creating of dynamic components
  • Solid modeller : 3D volumes operations
  • SketchUp Modelling tools
  • Generating table reports about your SketchUp modelsl
Export & Import
  • Import and export of COLLADA (DAE) & KML
  • Import and export of 3D models and 2D images of different formats (DXF, DWG, 3DS, PNG, JPEG, etc.)
Documentation & Presentation
  • Creation of designdocuments in different and big formats
  • Keeps track of changes in your SketchUp models automatic in your presentation
  • Share documents via PDF, raster images and screen presentation
  • Present SketchUp modellen live full screen
  • Create animation and fly through your model
  • Print of high quality, including vectors, raster and renderings
  • Print different formats (page size)
  • Print documents on multiple pages
  • Print from page views of your model
  • Create your own Styles
  • Edit and share Styles
3D Warehouse integration
  • Find, share and save found 3d models
Google Earth integration
  • Place your models on there place on earth in Google Earth

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